The experience of fear of the unknown is what a haunted house is built for. Walking into something, not knowing what is to come, but still continuing forward in hopes of fulfilling the adrenaline rush for fear. 

   Many years ago Jason Mead built Haunted Mead Manor in the back yard of his residentail home, in hopes of bringing the Halloween spirit to his neighborhood. In that time he did just that, making the haunt bigger and bigger every year, being featured in local newspapers. Haunted Mead Manor soon became too large and was forced outside city limits,  operating for 3 years until coming to an end.

   Haunted Mead Manor The Undertakers Inn is now owned and operated by Dalton Mead, Jason’s son. In 2020 Dalton finally made his dream of owning his own haunted house finally become true. He strived everyday and built his own haunt from the ground up (literally). Today Haunted Mead Manor operates on volunteer work and the blood, sweat, and tears of family.